Camping with a rooftop tent in Namibia, Africa.

Enjoying our first rooftop tent experience in Namibia.

In 2012 we traveled to Southern Africa to visit our son who was serving in the Peace Corps. Over the course of 5 weeks, covering thousands of kilometers, we traversed Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe in a rooftop tent-equipped-4-wheel drive. That was our first experience camping in this way and as we learned, is the ideal way of car camping.

Thanks to the simple, and ingenious design of the rooftop tent, we were able to travel the road less traveled and have the experience of a lifetime.

Since our return home we have been asking ourselves, ‘why aren’t more people in the U.S. traveling this way?’
With so many vehicles on the road with roof racks, a tent would make an excellent addition to any outdoor enthusiasts’ quiver of rack accessories.

As avid campers and lovers of the backcountry, car camping with a ground tent is less than ideal – the difficulty of finding a proper place to pitch a tent on short notice, compounded by the noise, commotion, and claustrophobic conditions of public campgrounds, takes a bit of charm out of car camping.

That’s why we started Montana Outback Vehicle Tents LLC, relying on the quality designs and construction of Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT), to share a new alternative to traditional camping.

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