We started Montana Outback Vehicle Tents in 2015 after we traveled with a rooftop tent during a trip to
Africa. We thought it such a great way to camp that we wanted to share with everyone! It’s been 5+
years and we have decided that we are going to close Montana Outback Vehicle Tents.
We have met so many wonderful people and enjoyed sharing the rooftop tent experience but it’s time
for us to get out and spend more time camping. We will be moving our remaining inventory throughout
the rest of the year. Check out remaining inventory http://montanaoutbackvehicletents.com/on-sale/ and see if there’s anything that you might be interested in.
Thanks to everyone that has supported us over the last 5 years. We hope to see you out there camping!
Karla & Clay Copenhaver

Mt. St. Helen Hardtop is the easiest tent to setup.  Undo the straps and pop up the lid.  Doesn’t get much easier than that to a comfortable nights sleep on the 3″ mattress.

There’s plenty of room for sitting up in and can comfortably sleep 2 people.  The interior ceiling has a net for stowing away your gear.  Plus several side pockets for smaller items.  $2695.00

IMG_20210309_133307015_HDR (537x640)IMG_20210309_134039098_HDR (594x640)

Hybrid Series 

We have 2 remaining 56″ Mt Shasta for $2995.00 

A cross between a hard and soft shell, still has the fold out design but has hard shell that incorporates with cross bars that carry extra gear.

IMG_20210311_151153093_HDR (556x640)IMG_20210311_160431119_HDR (640x317)


Give us a call at (406) 549-4983, or contact us through email or text.

We work from our home and shop, we are available most times and days.  Please call and make an appointment and directions .

We are offering free install on the remaining tents!